Explain what would be your strategy to gather information on the market segments for your product and service in the Chinese market



Task 1

In this task, you are required to prepare a report of at least 800 words based on the given information on “ Bellamy's Organic goes to china “ That is provided in the additional information at the end of this assessment document. You will be marketing Bellamy's Organic product to companies in Singapore and Hong Kong to export your products. You must include the following in your report:

a) Explain what would be your strategy to gather information on the market or market segments for your product and service in the Chinese market?

b) Carry out a segmentation of the Target Chinese market, which would be ideal for selling your products to. Define these market segments on the following components:

Demographics: Age, income, occupation, geographic locations, etc.







Perceptions/ attitudes will affect the sale of your products in the Chinese market.

Usage-based segmentation: How frequently is baby food/ formula used by customers in China, at what age group does customers buy baby food in China, is there any particular season when this product is used, etc.

c )Now that you have identified the target market characteristics & their preferences. Recommend the ideal features of your company's product, which will be acceptable by the Chinese target customers. Give reasons for each of your recommendations.

Your answers should include the following:


Flavors-recommend popular Chinese flavors


Packaging style, information labels, instructions, etc.


Part 2

In the region, you need to research the market scenario in China & investigate past trends, product successes & failures & the reasons for the same. Submit this as a report of about 500 words


your story needs to cover the following:

What is the current market situation for baby food & infant formula in China?

Who are the leading competitors and their market share in the Chinese market?

What are the main factors which will help business operations for your company to be successful in China?

What has been the history of Chinese consumers related to infant formula/baby food? How will this history affect the sales of your products?

Task 2

a. In this task, you need to identify various aspects of consumer behavioral factors for your product and service in the Chinese target market. These factors should include the following:

 Social structure, social class, family groups, decision-makers, influencers, the actual purchasers, etc.

Social standards of acceptable behavior & what are the cultural motivations which would lead the Chinese to buy your product.

Values & attitudes towards foreign brands & products

Beliefs, customs & practices related to bringing up babies, type of food given to babies, nutritional ideas, etc.

Part 2: Checklist and scope of the submission

Before you hand in part 2 of your assignment, use the checklist below to make sure you have completed all the tasks and have included all relevant information.

 ) investigated past trends, products successes & failures for the Chinese market.

 ) identified various aspects of consumer behavioral factors for baby food in the Chinese target market.

Part 3

This part is to be completed using the information gathered in the previous sections and also the case study information on Bellamy's Organic goes to China.

Also, consider the information provided below to complete the given tasks.

The one-child policy was introduced in 1978 in China. It initially applied to the first-born children in the year of 1979. It was created by the Chinese government to alleviate social, economic, and environmental problems in China. This policy officially restricts married, urban couples to having only one child, while allowing exemptions for several cases, including rural couples, ethnic minorities, and parents without any siblings themselves. Families violating the policy are required to pay monetary penalties and might be denied bonuses at their workplace.

Task 1

prepare a report of about 900 words and include the following:

a) What would be the effect of this policy on the sales of your company's products in China?

b) Analyze and evaluate your organizational behavior capability to respond to fulfill the Chinese consumer demand for product and service you are proving for.

c)Develop an effective marketing strategy considering the target Chines market for your product and service.

d)Develop a rationale for the focus of appeal that outlines how influencers on consumer behavior will be used to target effective marketing strategies and also ensure that the center of call meets the legal and ethical obligations and the budgetary requirement as started in the marketing plan.

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