Example and how it demonstrates the Social Psychology



Find Examples of Psychology Ideas or Subjects in Media (Internet, TV, Movies, Books, Magazines, Newspapers and other materials

  • Find an example of what you have learned in Psychology 101 in any form of media.
  • Share that example and how it demonstrates the psychology that you have learned in the discussion forum (250 words at least).
  • Use supporting articles and materials as needed.  ALWAYS use references and citations when using such articles and materials.
  • Chapter 11: Social Psychology Choose one of the terms/concepts below to base answer on.
  • Social psychology
  • bystander effect
  • social cognition
  • person perception
  • stereotype
  • self-fulfilling prophecy
  • attribution theory
  • stereotype threat
  • fundamental attribution error
  • self-serving bias
  • false consensus effect
  • positive illusions 
  • social comparison
  • attitudes
  • cognitive dissonance
  • self-perception theory 
  • elaboration likelihood model 
  • altruism 
  • egoism
  • empathy
  • aggression 
  • overt aggression
  • relational aggression 
  • mere exposure effect
  • romantic love or passionate love 
  • affectionate love or companionate love
  • investment model 
  • social exchange theory 
  • conformity 
  • informational social influence 
  • obedience 
  • social contagion 
  • social facilitation 
  • social loafing 
  • risky shift 
  • group polarization effect 
  • ethnocentrism 
  • prejudice 
  • social identity
  • discrimination

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