Exec Presentation Specification for the Director



Case Study Part 3 – MS Powerpoint Executive Presentation

Use the project description HERE to complete this activity. For a review of the complete rubric used in grading

this exercise, click on the Assignments tab, then on the title Case Study Part 3 - Exec Presentation (Powerpoint)–

click on Show Rubrics if the rubric is not already displayed.

To the maximum extent possible, utilize the rule of 7’s - no more than seven bullets per slide, and no more than seven

words per bullet.

Note: there are several tutorials on Power Point functions in the topic labeled "Optional Tutorials – Power Point project" in

the Readings list for Week 8.

The details of the hardware and software solution need to be in the slides.

The purpose of this presentation is to present the hardware and software solution for a decision that you defined in Case

Study –Part 1 (Word). For example, make and model of hardware and short description should be in the slide but be brief

and in bullet format. The speaker notes are for amplification. Slides with Speaker notes should contain at least four

complete sentences (in the notes section) each. Think of the speaker notes as what you would actually say during the

presentation. Also, if someone wants to review the presentation later, the speaker notes will provide sufficient information

for the reader to understand what you presented.

Instruction Files

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