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Provide (see formatting requirements below) the kinds of Public Relations and Sponsorship activities you would recommend for your two companies. These should be new activities. Not ones they have done or are planning to do. You should suggest at least 3 specific activities per company. Each activity should be different, for each company.

Stretch yourself to use some creativity. Think about this one. Even with a limited budget, organizations can make a positive contribution. You should also include at least one charitable activity per company. Keep in mind the realistic feasibility of doing these activities for your organization. So that is 3 PR/Sponsorship activities and 1 Charitable activity for this assignment. Also, remember the probable budgetary constraints. Follow the formatting requirements below.


  Recommendations Target Audience Expected Benefits  

Be sure to include whom you are targeting in these Sponsorships and/or activities, and why they would be good for your organization. Put this into a table type format with Recommendations, Target Audience, and Expected Benefits. If you can't figure out how to do this in a table format, be sure you CLEARLY identify in BOLD each Recommendation, Target Audience, and Expected Benefit. If you do not clearly identify each topic, either in a table format or in BOLD you will not receive credit. (Please note: a sale is NOT a PR or Sponsorship activity.)

Also, be sure to provide an introduction and conclusion to your paper. This should be about 3-4 pages in length, or however long it takes you to cover all the information.


******Companies: Wal-Mart and Farm and Fleet (must cover both companies)

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