Explain the significance of Work Force Planning to the successful operation of an organisation.



TEAM Assessment Task:

“Every company but also every country needs a people strategy, and to act on it immediately, and such a people strategy consists out of four parts. Number one, a plan for how to forecast supply and demand for different jobs and different skills. Two, a plan for how to attract great people. Three, a plan for how to educate and upskill them. Four, how to retain great people.”

Rainer Strack.

Boston Consulting Group.

TEAM Assignment Objective:

Discuss this statement playing particular attention to the role of Human Resource Management in implementing the strategy.

In your discussion, you must specifically:

1.              Provide an Introduction to your assignment. (250 words)

2.              Explain the significance of Work Force Planning to the successful operation of an organisation. (1000 - 1500 Words)

3.              Discuss the importance of Recruitment and Selection to the HR strategy. (1000 - 1500 words)

4.              Discuss the critical significance of training and development to the strategy. (1000 – 1500 words)

5.              Explain the importance of retention to the sustainability and profitability of an organisation. (1000 - 1500 words)

6.              Provide a Conclusion. (250 words)


Assignment Instructions:


The assignment should be word-processed and presented in proper academic format (12 font, Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing) with proper referencing (Harvard style) where appropriate. The total word count of the essay should be a minimum of 4,500 but should not exceed 6,500 words, excluding any diagram, appendix and bibliography.


All the references and data should be relevant to generally European and specifically Irish market.

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