Explain your risk factors and what steps you could take to help control these risks



Disease Risk Assessment

Please take one of these assessments on cancer risks. Explain your risk factors and what steps you could take to help control these risks. How could you possibly add years to your life?

Although a risk factor analysis is not completely accurate in predicting disease, this type of analysis can alert you if you are high at risk for this and other chronic diseases. Several internet sites offer risk screenings.

The link provided below will take you to a brief quiz on Cancer Prevention. There is also a good quiz there for CVD risks, as well as many other diseases, if you would like to add to your body of knowledge. 


Research this topic both in your textbook and in at least three additional sources. Write a scholarly article in APA format containing 300 to 400 words.


Point Value

Discussion of your cancer risk factors and interventions

60 points

APA style citations of all resources

20 points


20 points

Failure to post word count

-10 points

Failure to write a minimum of 300 words

-10 points

Late submission

-10 points/day late

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