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I. Write a 5 pages Paper (APA format) explaining Evidence-based steps including the following (note: reference book Williams, L., Patterson, J., & Edwards, T. M. (2014) Clinician’s guide to research methods in family therapy):

a. ASK: Describe (specifically) how you will decide on the type of question you are researching

b. ACQUIRE:  Describe how you will find research articles to answer your question. If you don’t have access to the university library, how you will do this?

c. APPRAISE: Describe how you will determine the quality of the research, to whom the findings apply and in what contexts they are appropriate. Consider evaluating research studies and identify what checklists or rubrics you’ll use to appraise the studies you find.

d. APPLY: Describe how you will integrate the research findings with your experience to date and your hypothetical client population and clinical context. In other words, envision who you might work with and where you might work with them, and then describe how you will decide on the most effective way to use research findings in your therapy with such clients.  What kinds of information do you anticipate pulling from research articles to guide your work with such clients?

e. ANALYZE AND ADJUST: Describe what methods you will use to assess the effectiveness of the interventions.

II. List 10 resources that you will still be able to use to walk through the Evidence-based process when you have graduated and no longer have library access.  Pick three of these resources and include the citation of a published study in a APA format

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