Guardian Air's REAL decision about helicopter-engine upgrades

general article writing


1. Subject: Guardian Air's REAL decision about helicopter-engine upgrades

A complex, vague, unprecedented, difficult decision (that's the point!)

2. Business memo to the boss. 

Begin with a brief (5-6 sentence) executive summary (not an intro)

Between 500 and 1000 words total; no other format restrictions

Flowcharts, tables, original graphics, bullet points, etcetera welcome if they serve your points and improve insightful communication

3. Provide analysis, insights, and recommendations for a wise decision process

Identify and prioritize factors relevant to the decision, and their interactions

Provide key criteria/metrics to assess and measure, and relevant targets to set

Advise the boss with insights that combine relevance and value

4. Grading rubric (20% each): Appropriateness, identify complex interactions, identify success criteria, clarity/insightfulness, overall value-add

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