The English wars of expansion in the British Isles

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  1. Study the English wars of expansion in the British Isles. Which English monarchs are most closely associated with the campaigns in Wales, Ireland, and Scotland? What role did castle building play in the pacification of these regions?
  • Each component of the chosen question should be answered as completely as possible. Use historical examples and dates to support your essay.
  • Always include a cover sheet or header with your paper that includes your name, assignment name, class, professor's name, date, and institution.
  • Always restate the question verbatim before your answer.
  • Please include an introduction with a well-crafted thesis at the end of the introduction paragraph that ties your paper into the question picked.
  • Please include a developed conclusion that supports your thesis.
  • Please use formal English and conform to proper grammar and spelling standards.
  • Please include reign or life dates when introducing historical personalities and include dates in your essay.
  • Please use the appropriate Required and Optional readings as your main sources (these sources will vary depending on the question chosen to write on). 
  • You MAY NOT use encyclopedias or dictionaries as sources (especially Wikipedia). The use of forbidden sources will result in a penalty of 20 percent of the assignment total.
  • Please use the Chicago-Style/Turabian citation to cite your sources (footnotes).  Parenthetical citation is not allowed.
  • Please make sure you also provide a full Bibliography in the Chicago-Style/Turabian format after your essay.

1,000-1,200 narrative words (minus citation and bibliography, double spaced, 11 or 12 point font, normal 1” margins). Each component of the question should be answered as completely as possible. Use historical examples to support your essays. Always restate the question before your answer.


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