Personal NCLEX Preparation Plan

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Development of a Personal NCLEX Preparation Plan

NCLEX plan paper portion, you will address the areas that are highlighted in the NCLEX plan rubric.

For your calendar format, I have attached a sample calendar to aid in helping give you a visual aid when you are making

your own plan of study. You will start with the Month of DEC by adding the ATI live review as one method to aid in preparing

for NCLEX. Then, you will extend to Jan/Feb to schedule study times and deadlines for application/testing steps

Your final assignment is to develop a thorough and comprehensive plan to prepare for taking your NCLEX licensure exam.

Preparation for NCLEX should be an ongoing activity that you engage in throughout the program and immediately after

graduation. Research has shown that delaying the exam increases your risk for failure; therefore it is critically important that

your approach to preparing for NCLEX is systematic and ongoing.

Before completing your plan, you will want to visit the National Council of Boards of Nursing Web site and read the

information in the NCLEX candidate bulletin and review the NCLEX test plan that

corresponds to your career option (RN or LPN) 

Grading for this assignment will be based on the following criteria (a rubric with more specific information on allocation of

points is also provided in this document):

1. The plan should cover a time line from the current semester through the day you take your exam. (10 points

based on the logical flow of activities starting with the current semester)

2. The plan should outline preparation activities you plan to undertake across the time line. (40 points based on

the thoroughness of your plan in)

a. These are some suggestions for activities that you may want to think about including: taking practice

exams, identifying topics that you know you need further work on, working on test anxiety, investigating

taking NCLEX preparation courses/taking a preparation course, saving now for the NCLEX and

Licensure fees so that your test is not delayed. There are probably other activities that you know will

help you and you should include these.

3. The plan should identify how you will use the resources that are available to you in your ATI Comprehensive

Assessment and Remediation Package to prepare for NCLEX. This should include how you will make the most

use of Content Exams and the Comprehensive Predictor you will take before graduation. It should also include

use of the Focused Review feature available with your package and identification of other resources available

through ATI. You should spend some time looking through your materials and exploring the ATI Web site. (40

points based on the thoroughness of your identification of resources available to you in your package)

4. The plan should identify additional preparation resources and any resources that you have already identified

while completing the assignments for this class session. There are free resources and strategies that could be

used, in addition to those with an associated cost, such as review books and review courses. If you identify

review courses, you should include a plan for covering the cost of the course. (10 points based on the quality

and thoroughness of your investigation of available resources)

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