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Writing Assignment #1 Instructions


Your assignment:

Choose one of the issues from either Module 1 or 2 in your textbook. I uploaded the modules, and one summary of the issue. You can read the text online. Select the one side of the argument that you felt was most persuasive and share how the author was able to effectively justify their position and support their reasoning.  State clearly what element of the argument was most persuasive and why.  Also, find a weakness in the same argument and suggest how the author could have improved the writing. (If you cannot find a weakness, you should consider a different argument.)

Your paper should contain the following:

  • Intro (including thesis)
  • Body of your paper:
  • side of the argument you felt was most persuasive and why
  • weakness in the style of writing and suggestion on how to improve it
  • Conclusion

Your paper must be no less than 700 words, and must not exceed 800 words.  Papers not meeting the word limit or exceeding the word limit will be penalized. You must use at least 1 outside source other than your book. Your paper must be clearly focused and well-reasoned.  You must use APA style and provide appropriate parenthetical references and a reference sheet.  Use appropriate grammar and organizational elements, as well as third person

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