The major locational considerations as defined by Weber’s Least Cost Industrial Model

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What are the major locational considerations as defined by Weber’s Least Cost Industrial Model? Describe one in detail.

In your own words describe the concept of "comparative advantage." What are some of the economic consequences? Include an example.

According to the World Bank website, what are the recent trends in global poverty, and what has happened in Sub-Saharan Africa and why? How has globalization contributed to these trends?

How have innovations in high-tech industries changed world industrial patterns, and what new locational trends have evolved as a result of these developments?

Describe the US economic progress through the economic sectors discussed in the text. Which sector predominates today? Why might this be so?S

How much stimulus money was spent to prevent violence against women?

What county had the most money allocated on Energy projects?

Find Richmond, KY in Madison County Hint: Located in the central part of the state, just south of Lexington. Check the 'Show Individual Projects on Map' box. Examining the only Transportation project in this county, how many jobs were created?

Overall, what are the top two categories based on expenditures?

Using the 'Overall Stimulus' category and the 'Need' tab.  Are the stimulus dollars spread evenly across the state?  How are they distributed?  Is this appropriate?  Why or why not?

How many parks support whitewater boating and what is the name of the smallest one (by acreage)?

Find Frances Slocum State Park. The pop-up box that appears when clicking on it contains a lot of information about the park in an easy to understand format. Click on the link to the Park website from this pop-up. How many miles of hiking trails does this park have?

Find and zoom to Rothrock State Forest. What is the brown line running through the middle of the map?

Using the Geology Search tool. Find Hickory Run. What is the name of the geological formation it is sitting on? Hint: Just clicking on the map should provide this information.

 Assume you live at 115 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212.  Using the tools provided by the maphow long would it take you to get to Black Moshannon State Park?       Hint:  Locate the park first and use the direction tool found in the box that pops up when you click on the icon for it.

The link provided takes you to what is called a dot-density map. In your own words, describe what is a dot-density map.

Find Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Tucson, Arizona. In your own words, describe the differences and similarities between these two cities?

Which city is more segregated?

How are you able to determine which city is more segregated?

For the city that you chose as being least segregated, what reasons can you think of that might explain this relative lack of segregation?

Second assignment.   Is Map based?

Kentucky Stimulus Spending

Pennsylvania State Parks

The Racial Dot Map

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