Aram Hessami POLI 221-Spring What Would Plato Say

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Aram Hessami POLI 221-Spring 2017

What Would Plato Say?

Here is the instruction for your First paper. Apply the Allegory of the Cave to the

2016 Presidential Election. You may choose to discuss a particular aspect of our elections

or the entire process. You must apply the Allegory in its entirety.

The paper must be one page long. Times New Roman is the font you must use.

The size of the font must be 12. It must be single-spaced. And the Margins must be 0.5.

These are all “standard” Microsoft Word settings. In short, look carefully at this

instruction that you are reading now; I have used the same format. 

Follow this format.

You can use a single space between paragraphs--as you see here. To the left,

where my name is, you will put yours. The Course and the Semester go to the right.

Keep the title: “What Would Plato Say?” Nothing else, except these top three items

should be bold. You can use the Underline Feature for emphasize.

You do not need to do any research. What you need to do is to apply your

understating of Plato to the question at hand. However, you must substantiate your claim

by making specific references to the Plato’s Text. The Papers are due at April 7 th .

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