Discussion: Privacy and the Fourth Amendment

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Privacy And The Fourth Amendment

The United States Legal System Places The Burden Of Proof On The Prosecution. In Other Words, Individuals Are Presumed Innocent Until Proven Guilty In A Court Of Law. This Burden Of Proof Requires That Law Enforcement Agencies Do Not Violate A Person’s Right To Privacy During Search And Seizures.

As An IT Professional, You Must Understand The Fourth Amendment And How It Applies To Digital Evidence. Suppose An Employee Has Used Your Organization’s Computers In The Commission Of A Cybercrime. In Which Situations Would The Fourth Amendment Apply?

To Prepare For This Discussion, Read The Resources Related To United States V. Jones And Consider What A “Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy” Means. Create Two Scenarios Involving Computer Use Where You Believe A Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy Applies. One Of Your Scenarios Must Be Set In The Workplace.

By Day 4, Post 250–300 Words In Which You Describe Your Two Scenarios.

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