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There is no limit to the questions that can provoke a great creative idea. In this activity you will find a story of an entrepreneur and try to think of the questions this entrepreneur must have asked in order to come up with the idea that made his/her business successful. We recommend you look for these entrepreneurs' stories on our web page or in one of the following magazines that also have their own web pages:

INC Magazine 

BIZ STARZ Magazine 


SUCCESS Magazine 


Prepare a report to share with the class that identifies the entrepreneur and what made the business successful. Then create and share a list of questions this entrepreneur might have used to provoke his or her creative thinking. Ask for ideas from the group to add to your list.

Discuss how questions can trigger your mind out of its established ruts to think about new and different ways to do many things. Use questions to get your brain working in new and different ways to develop ideas of value.

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