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Supply Chain Requirement

Green Gable Farms, a Division of Integrated Forest Products Limited, was

reviewing its strategic plan for the coming year. A major component of the

strategic plan was the supply chain strategy and how to achieve lower material

costs. The responsible procurement manager, Terrence Forest, has to determine

the best strategy to meet the company’s objective of lower material costs and

improving profit margins.

Company Background

Integrated Forest Products is a large privately held corporation consisting of

operations predominately in Eastern North America. Business units include:

- Forestry & Forest Products

- Transportation

- Shipbuilding

- Retail/Distribution

- Industrial/Construction Services

- Consumer Products

- Modular Homes

Terrence Forest has been employed by Integrated Forest Products for 5 years and

has a good track record within the purchasing department of Green Gable Farms.

Terrence understands the business very well and also understands that Green

Gables needs to make a step-change to its previous sourcing strategies.

1) Describe your strategy to improve cost reductions and explain how your program will work.

2) Describe the risks you are facing and explain how they could be minimized.
3) Describe your plan to roll-out any changes at Green Gables.

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