A research-based assessment and treatment plan for “Snow White”

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The final paper requires you to write an assessment and treatment plan, based on clinical

integration of the material in the course (see specifics below), utilizing your preferred

theoretical approach (selected from the course readings and assignments), as it applies to a

fictional character(s) taken from popular fairy tales, cartoons, plays, books, movies or

television shows. If you wish to describe a couple or family, you may take multiple

characters from the same story.

An example might be: Write a research based assessment and treatment plan for “Snow

White” using cognitive-behavioral theory, following the details of the Disney fairytale.

(Please do not use Snow White as an example)

You must identify the fictional character(s) you are using and base your paper on the

actual storyline of the fictional story.

Describe your theoretical approach including the following points:

a. How does your theory help to explain your fictional character's presenting problems (i.e.,

diagnosis) and their etiology (i.e., how those problems came to be)?

b. What are the central goals of your theory's approach to therapy with this fictional


c. What specific therapeutic techniques would your theory recommend for using in

treatment with your character? In other words, how would you work with this client?

d. Finally, on a more personal level, how does the theory you've chosen fit with your own

values and beliefs?


Use 3 to 5 references taken from scholarly journals (online or hard copy) on your selected

theory. Be sure to use citations by APA Format for paraphrased or directly quoted material.

Your paper must be 6-8 pages long plus a title and reference page, doubled spaced with

appropriate margins and paragraphing.

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