Speech Proposal on Family Cultures

general article writing


Specific Purpose: I want my audience to: Understand everyone has different aspects of

their life and why people make choices

Attention Getter will be: Using hand gestures

Preview (thesis) Statement Everyone is going to be different, depending on how there

culture is. Understanding people are not all the same and accept one another.

I. Main Point #1 In the media today people view certain cultures as lesser or dangerous.

However we are all people and a few bad apples do not make them all bad.

II. Main Point #2 Understanding where people come from and why they do things will

help with the understanding. If you were rose in that society you would better understand.

III. Main Point #3 Going into a few different cultures that are misunderstood.

Visual Aid planning Printing out a few visuals of items used due to culture.

Instructor Comments:

_____Proposal approved, proceed with your research _____Topic too broad, refine!

_____Proposal Disapproved—Let’s meet to discuss.

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