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Final Paper Overview / Requirements
For a final project, you will write a Literature Review paper on your chosen and
approved topic.
When writing the paper, you must use a minimum of (10) references. Select your
references carefully. I am aware that references on this topic may be hard to find in
the academic world so references form technical journals are acceptable for this type
of research, however, try to find at least six references from academically qualified
journals. Make sure that you go beyond the “Wikipedia” type of research, and use
trustworthy journal (technical or academic) articles.
The literature review format for this assignment must contain at least five sections:
1) Abstract
2) Introduction
3) Literature Review
4) Conclusions
5) References.
Your paper must reach a conclusion in the form of one or many research questions.
The Final Literature Review Paper should:
 Be a minimum of 2,500 words (NOT including the title page or the References

  •  Be double-spaced with no spacing after or before the paragraph,
  •  use Times New Roman font 12 Points in size
  •  have 1” all around margins
  •  be APA compliant
  •  Contain at least ten (10) references
Grading Rubric
60 % Content (selected topic)
20 % Format
10 % references
10 % Research question

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