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general article writing



Read article and write a short narrative to describe it. Summarize should be no more than two paragraphs. In the response section, you should be critical as you analyze the reading. Consider the subject matter of the article but think about the perspective of the author. Decide if the reading sufficiently covers the topic and describe your perspective. Were your opinions challenged? Discuss what you found interesting, enlightening, contributory, challenging or inappropriate and explain why you thought this. Finally, you must also explain how you would apply what you learned in a classroom school-based, or educational context.

Here are some specifications and suggestions:

You are writing a short narrative. This is about 2-3 pages double-spaced typed at 12-point font. It's the quality of your words we are interested in, not the quantity.

Include a References page for the articles at the end of the paper.

Reflect on the "big" ideas presented in the paper/article. Describe these in detail.

Use examples to support your thoughts, opinions, and perspectives. Limit use of direct quotations.

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