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I need help answering these 4 questions . It requires a minimum of 250 words per answer.
These are the books
Abbots, E. & Lavis, A. (2013). Why we eat, how we eat: Contemporary encounters between foods and bodies. New York, NY: Taylor & Francis.
Counihan, C. & Van Esterik, P. (2013). Food and Culture: A Reader, (3rd ed.). Routledge N.Y.: Taylor and Francis. 
*Food and Culture: 
Harris, M. (1998). Good to Eat: Riddles of Food and Culture. Illinois: Waveland Press, Inc. 
*Good to Eat: 
Scapp, R. & Seitz, B. (1998). Eating Culture. Albany: State University of NY Press. ISBN: 9780791438602.

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