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Facebook Follies is a documentary that looks at some of the unexpected results and impact, negative and positive, of people sharing their personal information on social media sites. Our relationships, our thoughts, our pastimes, our memories, our lives and deaths are all now routinely posted online. Social media represents a paradigm shift in the way we communicate, and inevitably, such change is accompanied by mishaps and trouble, as we learn new limits.

Facebook Follies introduces us to people whose lives were dramatically changed for the worse because of indiscreet or questionable posts, or as the victims of online criminal activity -- they lost their jobs, their marriages, their dignity, or even ended up in jail.  We're told about a would-be political candidate Ray Lam in British Columbia whose career was derailed by the discovery of old photos on Facebook that showed him goofing around in a high school. In one photo, he had his hand on a young woman's breast. The film also profiles positive stories of people
who found love, were able to reconnect with long-lost family members, or used the platform to publicly mourn the memory of the deceased. The film includes some well-known stories, as well as others.


-If you were to chat with chat with Geoff D'Eon, the producer of Facebook Follies, what counterarguments would you offer him? Are we that prone to engage in "Facebook Follies"?

-If you were Ray Lam, the young politician whose career was compromised by the photos disclosed on Facebook, how would you attempt to re-launch your political career? What social media channels would you use, and what would your discourse be?

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