CITY OF ROME article assignment

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For this assignment,you will choose one specific location from the time period and areas of study from the course to “tour.” You will provide detailed descriptions of the people, language, dress, culture, buildings, sights, sounds, smells, etc. You will support your descriptions with research that you have done from scholarly texts, sources, and websites.

Your project should be:

  • Present your information first-person; just imagine that you are giving a travelogue presentation. The descriptions should be followed by a source citation from which you found the information. You will also provide a source citation page.
  • At least 15 slides. This means you should go into some detail. I am not going to give many specifics to fulfill, but you should be able to fill all 15 slides.
  • Your location must be in the areas that we have discussed (Middle East, Europe, etc.) and your time period must fit into the times we cover in the course: early Middle Ages (about 500 AD) all the way up to 1789. You must give a specific date and place. If you have questions, ask me!
  • You must use at least 4 sources (no Wikipedia or for this project. Your descriptions will be paraphrased and summarized from your research, and you must give the correct citation. I need to see your citations throughout your PowerPoint. AND all of them listed on the Last slide.
  • You will post your PowerPoint on the Discussion Board Link in Canvas. You will then have read and comment on two other student Travel Presentations. 
  • Your comments will be assessed and counted as part of your grade for this assignment.
  • See the example in the syllabus

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