External Report on Apple, Inc.




Industry Overview:

As of today, Apple is highly respected in the technology industry despite other companies

growing and staying competitive (Rushe, 2012). The demand for technology has increased over

the years so by continuing to be innovative it allows them to stay competitive and ahead of the

competition. Revenue growth in the industry is mainly driven by geographical expansion

(Matuszak, 2014). Several companies in the market have expanded around the world in order to

enhance their market share and increase their revenue. Technology has been a vital component

for every company that is in the industry. All individuals are highly dependent on the technology

(Deloitte, 2015). There is significant growth in the internet market, and it will further boost the

growth of the industry in all aspects. There are more opportunities for mergers and acquisitions

in this industry. Merger and acquisition provide a better opportunity for the companies to grow

faster. It increases the competitiveness in the market (Deloitte, 2015).

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