Faculty of Business Management & Globalization



Department: Faculty of Business Management & Globalization

This group assignment & presentation represents 30% of your total course grade.


  •  To provide a clear and cohesive understanding of entrepreneurship
  •  To enhance the research skills of students for the real entrepreneurship
  •  To involve theories and concepts of entrepreneurship to a real-life situation.


You and your team are approaching a Venture Capitalist for start-up funds for a new Business. In

this regard, you need to convince the Venture Capitalist of the viability of your new Business.

In this regard, you are too;

  •  State your overall objectives for your new business
  •  You must define your product or service clearly, showing how you would market it.
  •  The market segments involved, including your target market.
  •  How you plan to manufacture and distribute your product
  •  The financing needed for this new product, along with the associated justifications.

Your report must be very specific, strategic, and convincing. You may make assumptions where

necessary, provided that they are backed up with justifications. You are to include some

infographics as well.

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