The foundation of a software development project



I need help with this assignment.  Total project plan needs to be 6-8 pages, not including title and references.  APA format.  I've attached the previous parts of the SDLC, as well as a guide to the SDLC requirements and format:

The foundation of a software development project is the project plan. A good project manager will prepare a plan that is a roadmap for all the activities in the project. This plan will ensure all the members of the software development team understand their tasks and the due dates for these tasks. The plan will also account for the unknown by including a thorough risk analysis. For this assignment, you will be preparing a project plan for your application. Because many of the steps in the plan have already taken place in previous assignments, your project plan will be largely a matter of documenting the steps, but this exercise will provide good practice in preparing these plans and should also help you understand what should be included. You will add this project plan to your Software Development Plan that you have been working on in the first four modules of the course.

The project deliverables are:

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Project Plan
  • Prepare a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the project. Include time estimates for the activities.
  • Identify the major project milestones and deliverables.
  • Prepare a project timeline that reflects the tasks and milestones. The timeline should be represented as a Gantt chart and pasted into your document.
  • Identify the resources required for the project and prepare a resource usage analysis.
  • Include a discussion of the critical path for the project and evaluate the sensitivity of the critical path.
  • Prepare a risk analysis for the project. The risk analysis should identify key risk factors and mitigation strategies.

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