Financial Report Paper assignment



Financial Report Paper (Assigned Week 5, due at the end of

Week 15 in Dropbox)

Using current articles from financial newspapers, magazines, websites, etc., respond to the

following questions:

With credit starting to loosen somewhat and the housing market beginning to emerge, what

potential impact will this have on the bond market, stock market, mortgage market, and the

economy in general?

In your opinion, how do you think these conditions will influence the Fed’s actions, and why?

Will interest rates rise, fall, or stay unchanged?

How would your projection impact the profitability of commercial banks, insurance companies,

and mutual funds? What strategies might these financial intermediaries employ in regards to

your forecast?

  •  Use a minimum of four different sources (your textbook may be one of the sources).
  •  All sources must be cited
  •  Typed-double spaced
  •  Must be submitted to the Financial Report Dropbox by the due date
  •  You must address all the above questions in a report format using your opinions and

justifications from cited sources. I will be looking to see if you discussed each portion of every

question and that you used critical thinking in your responses. REMEMBER: I have high

expectations from senior Finance students!

 I know what you all are wondering—how long does it have to be? You cannot successfully

complete this report under five pages, therefore, 5+pages. 

Type your Paper in a Word document and upload it to the Dropbox.

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