Font: standard Times New Roman (Headings CS) font.



Use Microsoft office 2016 1) Font: standard Times New Roman (Headings CS) font. 2) line spacing: 1.5-line spacing. 3) Margins: (Narrow) 0.5 centimetres’ margin on the left-hand side of the page and a 0.5 centimetres’ margin on the right-hand side. 4) Page numbers: in the footer “go to insert > Page Number > Bottom of page > Plain Number 2” 5) Headings: use 16-point Times New Roman (Headings CS) BOLD for first level headings, and 14-point Times New Roman (Headings CS) for second level headings. If a third level heading is required, use 12-point Times New Roman (Headings CS). ▪ Cover Page: use ABCHorizon Cover page (should be a title of program, Unit number and tittle, Submitted by, Registration Number, Assignment No and Title, Instructor’s Name, Centre Number and Date) sequentially. ▪ Declaration Form: you fulfil and Sign the declaration form. ▪ Table of Content: use Table of content after Declaration form (you m use "Automatic table of content" by go to references > Table of content > automatic table 2 ▪ Labelling and Numbering: make sure that any diagrams, tables, screen shots, PowerPoint slides, etc. are labelled and numbered appropriately. For example, (Table 1 Income Statement), (Fig 3 Time Series) … etc. ▪ Check Spelling: also grammar and punctuation, and ensure that you proof read your assignments, before submitting, because the MS Word auto checking software doesn't always highlight every mistake. ▪ Plagiarism: the work you submit must be in your own words. If you use a quote or an illustration from somewhere you must give the source. Do not use Wikipedia, UK Essay or any unacknowledged sources as a reference

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