For this essay, you will use popular culture as inspiration



Content: For this essay, you will use popular culture as inspiration (TV, film, video games, music, literature, social media, etc.). The truth of the matter is that not everything is accurately portrayed in popular culture. In fact, there is generally a great deal of controversy over the authenticity in reality shows, movies, songs, and even books that claim to be non-fiction. Therefore, you will pick something from popular culture (one “artifact”) and discuss how it is accurately/inaccurately portrayed. By “artifact” I mean one show (but not necessarily one episode), one book (or series of books), one movie (or series of movies), etc. You will take your artifact and develop at least five reasons for why your artifact accurately/inaccurately portrays the topic it handles. For example, if you pick the Teen Mom series on MTV, you will write about five reasons why it accurately/inaccurately portrays one of the following topics: teen pregnancy, teen parents, teen relationships, etc.

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