For this lab we are going to be creating a basic encryption/decryption function

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For this lab we are going to be creating a basic encryption/decryption function. The principle function we are writing will call an encrypt function and/or a decrypt function. Normally, I wouldn't spec the additional functions for you to write but for this lab I'm listing at least 3 functions you need to write. Our encryption is going to be basic. If a letter is simply going to be replaced with a different letter from the alphabet. Use this scheme when encrypting or decrypting: a == z b == y c == x d == w e == v f == u g == t h == s i == r j == q k == p l == o m == n and so on.... (you must go all the way to z == a) So an 'a' will become 'z' and a 'z' will become an 'a', a 'b' will become an 'y' and an 'y' will become a 'b', and so on. We'll only be dealing with lower case letters. Anything that isn't a lower case letter just gets "added" to the results string. So spaces stay spaces, punctuation stays punctuation, etc. Here's a snippet of code you can use to start that process: string results = ""; for ( int i=0; i

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