Oracle is one of the most popular DBMS systems on the commercial market

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Analysis Paper :

Oracle is one of the most popular DBMS systems on the commercial market today

and MySQL has become a very popular open-source database in industry over the last

few years. I would like for you to research concurrency issues for both Oracle and

MySQL. You should look at a current version and possibly the version before it.

(please explicitly state the versions you researched as "current" may vary ) Also

make sure to source your materials (book, URL(s), etc.)

You should look at this as an informational paper as if you have been tasked to report

about concurrency in Oracle and MySQL to your boss. (professor) I would expect

more than yes/no and only informational content. I would expect some analysis of the

issues to make it useful to me. You can assume that I know something about the

topics so that you should not feel obligated to go into detail other than to the extent

needed to show why you come to your conclusions.

I do NOT want a technical paper where you just list what you have found. I want to

read "YOUR" analysis!!!

Issue: (Concurrency Control)

For both Oracle and MySQL

a) What concurrency controls do they offer? How do they handle multiple users?. Do

they enforce the ACID properties and to what degree? Do they use a locking protocol

(if so at what level can you lock items?) or some other enforcement protocol?

b) Knowing what you found out through #1(a) what issues would arise if you were

deciding to use MySQL vs. Oracle for a company database? Positives and Negatives.

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