For this project, you will have to calculate the distance between two points on the planet by assuming Earth is a perfect sphere or radius R = 6360 km. You can use the Haversine formula to calculate this distance (Solved)



Write a program that will make travel recommendations to a user. Your program should read the provided data file and output the top five travel destinations organized by distance from UC Merced. These destinations will be selected based on their latitude and longitude. For this project you can assume UC Merced is located at 37°22'N and 120°42'W.

In this case, you will write a program that suggests a road trip itinerary. You will use the same data file as before. Your program should read the data file and output the suggested road trip itinerary (list of cities) organized by latitude or longitude as required by the list of features below. As before, you can assume all travel happens in straight lines. 

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