Future of World Water Supply assignment help



Topic: Future of World Water Supply


You P-lease solely focus on Society when it comes to this. I don't need info on this like background, business,_government, or resolution. Thank you.

Society: Who are the key stakeholder groups in society contending with this issue? Are they consumers, regulators, public interest groups, corporate lobbyists, or advocates for a specific business or trade organization? Is there dissent or agreement among these groups? What are their key positions and proposals for resolution?

PaP-er R requirements:


to 3 pages SINGLE SPACED

  •   Font

in Times New Roman

  •   12

point font

  •   Attr

ablutions in the form of quotation marks and footnotes is required

  •   Do

not include a Bibliography, Work Cited or References Cited

  •   All

footnotes must be in "Chicago style."

  • List

footnotes on the first page in the Appendices, NOT at the bottom of each page


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