What would be the impact of banning single use plastic products?



Islands of plastic garbage have been found in places from the Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean. Plastics are ubiquitous and can be found almost everywhere on earth. One of the major contributors to this problem are single use plastics (plastic straws, utensils, grocery bags and packaging). However, it is becoming very clear that the problem is not just aesthetics of the islands of plastics found in the oceans around the world.


Write a research and position paper (at least 500-750 words) on “Should we ban all single use plastic products” (double spaced – One page  ~250)

This paper should include the following:

1.    Introduction: (30 Points)

            What are single use plastics?

            What are some applications of single use plastics?

What is the role of single use plastics in distribution, storage and handling of products?

            What would be the impact of banning single use plastic products?

            What would be the cost of eliminating single use plastics products?

            What are some alternatives material that can replace single use plastics?

2.    Positions: Three reasons why for each position (15 points each=45 points)

Pros: With adequate references state three reasons why single use plastics are detrimental to the health of our planet and should be eliminated

Cons: With adequate references state why single use plastics serve an important purpose and cannot be eliminated

Your position: Clearly state your positions and give supporting references

3.    Conclusions (5 points)

4.    Bibliography (5 points)

5.    Title( 5)  thesis statement (10) grammar, spelling, formatting, and in text citations (5)




Format: APA format


Mountain View College Library research guides

http://libguides.mountainviewcollege.edu/biology or http://libguides.mountainviewcollege.edu/sustainableculture


Writing Center: The signup for the Writing Center is located by the front desk in W114


Do not use Google, Wikipedia or Bing to research the topic



1.    Research the topic and identify resources for each section of the paper. Bookmark or save resources for easy access during the writing process

2.    Complete the “bibliography form”.

3.    Use the bibliography to complete the “outline”

4.    Use the feedback from the instructor to complete the “rough draft”. Take the rough draft to the writing center.

5.    Make all corrections suggested by the writing center and your instructor. Turn in the final draft via Safeassign on to eCampus

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