Genre Theory of a Horror Movie.

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  • Describe a major theme of the movie you have selected using evidence from the movie itself as well as course resources and other scholarly sources to support your position.
  • Identify at least three techniques (cinematography, lighting, acting style, or direction) and/or design elements (set design, costuming, or hair and makeup), and explain how these techniques and/or design elements contribute to the establishment of the theme. Reference particular scenes or sequences in your explanations.
  • State your opinion regarding the mise en scène, including
  • How the elements work together.
  • How congruent the design elements are with the theme of the movie.
  • Whether or not other techniques would be as effective (Explain your reasoning).

Genre Theory of a Horror Movie

Genre Theory

Genre theory utilizes as a part of the investigation of films so as to encourage the

order of movies. The genre is reliant on different components, for example, story line,

whom the chief is, what are the group of onlooker’s desires and so forth. In utilizing

genre theory, you make an alternate route by the way we are to depict movies. Genre

theory through its utilization is a technique for shortening scholarly works. Keeping in

mind the end goal to comprehend Genre we may take a gander at a few cases (Chandler) .

When we talk about the Western, we realize that inside this gathering of movies we may

hope to discover weapon battles, seeds, and Indians, the lone cowhand and to some

degree the performing artists and executives of such films.

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