Geologic Considerations for Nuclear Waste Storage

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needed help in my upcoming Poster session next week in geologic structures  . ( topics/themes to writes on:

1.Structuralgeology and tectonics on Mars.

2.Structuralgeology of the North Sea oil field.

3.Geologicaland engineering considerations for the Coquihalla Highway in BC.

4.TheSudbury impact structure.

5.Geologicconsiderations for nuclear waste storage.

Structural geology and management of groundwater for human consumption

)  All the necessary information, guide line and even the marking scheme rubrics!  are attached below. please find the attached document (poster template) that will guide you through on how and what to(all the topics are included so feel free to select any topic that pleases you;it's an  open topic.just one topic) write. should there be any question just contact me and we can discuss more toward making a great poste

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