Global firm- Walmart



Choose a global firm and write a 2,500 words APA formatted document with at least 10

peer-reviewed references. Assume you are the senior leader and write your paper on

the following:

1. Based on the organization's global human resources strategic plan:

1. What is the the role of the organization in the current global economy? Why?

2. What is professional cultural competence among personnel? Why?

2. Plan and develop processes for global human resources functioning:

1. Explain, contrast and compare the utilization of practices within the organization's domestic and global

HR markets.

2. Based on what we have studied in this course, apply HR solutions to the global market for improved

functioning and outcomes to ensure mission and vision are achieved.

3. Discuss world issues, laws, trends, and international business that may impact the effective human

resources global strategy you have developed and plan to implement.

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