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Who do you trust? If we Google any topic we will usually see a huge number of websites in the search results. They can range from academic papers at a university to someone's random blog entry. Several of you have pointed out good strategies we can use to determine if a website is credible. It is also a good idea to check a variety of sources. Most of us though probably have a few standard websites that we use more often. For example I generally to use Yahoo, when reading the news or sports. Occasionally I will try something else but for the most part I tend to use the same few websites. Typically they are a credible source but even with Yahoo you have to be careful. The sometimes have articles from what they call a "contributor network." These are just editorials or opinion pieces about various topics. We have talked in another thread about user generated content. They are mixed in with the regular news stories but they are usually very biased and opinionated. How do you decide on your favorite websites? What criteria do you use? Do you ever check the credibility of those stories? Why or why not?

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