Network Security - Denial of Service assignment help

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In order to show an understanding of network-related issues, each student is expected to complete a

paper on a relevant network topic of the students choosing and interest. For this assignment, I

would like to see your topic in a written proposal with a brief abstract. An abstract is defined as a

formal document that clearly describes what you will write the paper on. You may be suggested

to revise your topic after your submission is reviewed. Please choose a FOCUSED topic that is

specific enough for a term paper/project.

You have two options for the assignment.

Option 1: Research Paper

This paper can be a review paper that comments on current solutions on a specific topic or a

research paper that proposes your own opinions/solutions. You don’t have to implement an

application for this option. However, it is fine if you wish to conduct experiments on the

topics discussed. As a general rule, papers that incorporate your own comments/opinions

will normally receive higher grades.

Potential topics for both options include (but not limited to) the following. Your choice of the

The topic is usually more specific than any of these topics.

  •  Performance evaluation
  •  Addressing & location management
  •  Mobility models and systems
  •  Quality of Service
  •  Wireless protocols
  •  Routing & multicast
  •  Congestion control
  •  Scheduling & buffer management
  •  Multimedia protocols
  •  Network applications & services
  •  Network architectures
  •  Switches & switching
  •  Network design & planning
  •  Traffic analysis & control
  •  Network management
  •  Web performance
  •  Peer to Peer communications
  •  Network Security
  •  Denial of Service
  •  Firewalls
  •  Intrusion detection
  •  Security Protocols

Some premier journals and conference proceedings in the field were listed in the course syllabus.

You are required to explore useful reference papers using NSU’s electronic library. IEEE,

ACM and Springer's databases are good resources that can be accessed in the e-library.

For more information, please visit

(NSU student ID is required to access the resources).

Click on “ACM Digital Library,” “IEEE/IET Digital Library,” or “SpringerLink” -> enter your

credentials, then you can search by keywords/author/titles/names of journals or conferences.

You will have full access to copyrighted articles published by the three organizations.

Option 2: Programming Project

Students who want to do a programming project instead of a paper should submit a written

project proposal. Your programming project can substitute for a paper only if your project

proposal meets my approval prior to April 2. If your programming project proposal is not

approved, plan to submit a paper proposal and prepare to write a paper.

You can visit the SourceForge website for a list of sample networking applications that you may be interested in. Although

you may not be able to implement a full-featured system as those shown on the website due

to time constraints, an operational prototype is required for final submission.

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