GSPA Compliance Analysis



CNS 395 – Compliance Review and Compilation


Background - Company Overview

You have just been hired as Director of Compliance for a large, publicly traded health

insurance company named "Green Sword, Purple Armor" (GSPA).

GSPA is a leading health insurance and managed healthcare provider in Illinois and has

the following aspects to consider:

  •  Only provides services to Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana residents.
  •  Offices located in Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Springfield (IL) and


  •  About 1000 employees in Illinois.
  •  Publicly traded on Nasdaq.
  •  Revenue of $2.5 Billions in 2012.
  •  Net profits of $500 Millions in 2012.
  •  Allows its customers to pay for their deductibles via all major credit cards


Note: all deliverables should be in word, excel or PDF documents grouped together in a

ZIP file on D2L.

Part 1: Determine compliance requirements

Based on the overview presented above, research and document the major laws,

regulations or industry standards that GSPA must comply with.

You should be able to identify at least 3 major compliance requirements.

Document these compliance requirements and justify why GSPA need/should comply.

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