HBSP Case (“Cleveland Clinic: Improving the Patient Experience,” by Ananth Raman and Anita Tucker:



HBSP Case, available online; “Cleveland Clinic: Improving the Patient Experience,” by Ananth Raman and Anita Tucker (2011), Prod. #: 612031-PDF-ENG: http://hbr.org/product/Cleveland-Clinic--Improvi/an/612031-PDF-ENG (Links to an external site.)

HBSP Case (“Cleveland Clinic: Improving the Patient Experience,” by Ananth Raman and Anita Tucker: This three-page paper will challenge you to apply concepts discussed previously in this class to describing specific issues, assessing opportunities utilizing analytic tools, and determining a course of action going forward. Please answer the three questions (one page maximum each) provided below.

Please answer 3  questions. This assignment should be written as completely yet concisely as possible, in no more than three (3) single-spaced 8.5 x 11” pages, in 12 point font, with 1” margins all around.


1.     Dr. Berwick realized that there are ties between clinical effectiveness and patient experiences. Dr. Cosgrove’s wake-up call at Harvard was that patients don’t decide to go to a specific hospital on clinical outcomes alone. Dr. Merlino also asserted that there is a relationship among discharge information, nurse communication, and readmission rates. What is your assessment of the realization that there is a relationship between clinical quality and patient perspectives? How does this impact the description of patient experience as “customer service” and “nonclinical factors” that may be “competitive differentiators”



 2. Managing patients’ expectations is an important way to manage perceptions of quality. Describe how Cleveland Clinic’s efforts to manage patient expectations relate to the Gap Model of Service Quality. Assess Dr. Merlino’s comments on and response to quiet-at-night as a specific initiative to manage patient expectations. Given what we know from this course, is his perspective reasonable? What else would you suggest that he consider when strategizing around increasing scores for noiseat-night?


3. Assess the following statement, given what we have covered in this class and what is covered in the case: “Improving the patient experience is the right thing to do for our patients, but at what point does the burden of improvement exceed the responsibility of hospitals?” What advice would you give to Dr. Cosgrove about investing in the OPE, and what he might measure to gauge ROI?




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