he paper did a review of the behavior of parents towards the game of sports[KJ1] .




            The paper did a review of the behavior of parents towards the game of sports[KJ1] . The objective of the study is to study the negative as well as positive supports and the behavior of the parents in terms of the youth athletes who are the age of between 11 and 12. The research has been focusing on the impacts of youth sports, programming, and their behaviors. The research has been done in both the sports psychology and the enhancement of the game of sports to create an understanding for it and for the identification of the processes which can be crucial and make a contribution to the enhancements of the youth ‘s negative and the positive enhancements with the help of sports. The research will be discussing the negative [KJ2] and the positive effects on the institutions, violence which can happen in the sporting events, effects of parents on the youth sports and moral values. All these things will help in drawing conclusions and recommendations regarding the behavior of the parents on youth sports.[KJ3] 

 [KJ1]Proofread this paragraph…I think you may have been attempting to write in the firs person here, refrain from first person words.


There are errors throughout.

 [KJ2]Rephrase. State what you concluded.

 [KJ3]See the sample student paper for tips…

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