Highway Toll Control System Non-functional Requirements

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Discuss nonfunction requirements  as per proposal or project HIGHWAY TOLL CONTROL SYSTEM 

Nonfunctional requirements one paragraph each point 

B.1      Performance

B.2      Reliability

B.3      Security

B.4      Maintainability

B.5      Portability

B.6      Modifiability

Nonfunctional requirements

B.1 Performance

Performance of system depends on run time the instructions (transmission of speed, location

or stop command to tram) that are given by CCS to TCS. Stimulus of operations depends on

network carrier that transmits data from CCS to TCS.

B.2 Reliability

Reliability of system depends on Tram running in between terminals. Database has all

information about time table and it stores all information about tram. ATS is reliable for all

24*7 without giving much troubles to operators.

B.3 Security

ATS is secured and able to withhold all cyber-attacks. ATS is secured and resist without

cyber-attacks. ATS has dedicated network.

B.4 Maintainability

ATS is easily maintainable. ATS trigger trouble issues to Admin when it detects any internal

errors in any of sub systems. It can park at nearby terminal when it has any broke down sub


B.5 Portability

ATS has dedicated software. It can portable or implemented any other airports without any

much changes.

B.6 Modifiability

ATS with hold any changes in number of trams running in airport. ATS has different sub

systems and are not depends on any of the other sub systems. So changing or modifying to

any of sub system will not have much impact on other sub systems.

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