History from Ancient Times to 1600



We have explored History from Ancient Times to 1600 in this course. What do you think the most important event is that occurred during this time period and why? How about we begin toward the starting. I'm going to construct this with respect to the 1st 13 provinces despite the fact that slaves were possessed by different nations in what might later get to be “US States”. “Jamestown Virginia” was the 1st province built up in “1607”. In “1619 John Rolfe” and as an individual from the senator Council was likewise in charge of the 1st say of “Africans in Virginia”. In letters to “Sandys in January 1620, Rolfe” noticed that late in “Aug. 1619” the “Dutch boat White Lion” touched base at Point Comfort at what is currently “Fort Monroe” with twenty. Also “odd Negroes” on board.

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