History of wind power assignment



Research Paper Outline

I. Introduction to wind power

a. History of wind power

b. How wind power works

c. Relevancy

d. Amount of electricity being used today

e. Solution

Thesis: will sourcing energy from wind be a step toward greater sustainability.

II. Pros of wind

a. Clean energy, no fuel to drill, mine, transport, or burn

b. Renewable and sustainable

c. Cost relatively low and continue to decrease

d. Abundant domestic supply (16x current electric demand)

e. The power is essentially free once infrastructure is paid for

f. Low life cycle carbon footprint, breakeven in 8 months

g. Can be used almost anywhere

III. Cons of wind

a. Wind is inconsistent, unsteady, and unpredictable

b. Wind is not cheap and like many energy sources rely on government

subsidies to remain competitive

c. Wind farms are generally located in rural areas that might be

otherwise picturesque, eyesore

d. Noise complaints

e. Wildfire impacts

f. Localized temperature change on nights

g. Killing of birds etc

IV. Conclusion

a. Wind power is better for community

b. Long term more beneficial

c. Help cut back on pollution

d. Save money

e. Save energy

f. Create more jobs

g. Save planet

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