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1. This was not one of the most powerful states in the world in the period 1500-1650 _____ A) Qing China _____ B) Safavid Empire _____ C) Ottoman Empire _____ D) Mughal Empire _____ E) Spanish Empire 2. Perhaps the greatest Latin American leader, “the liberator” _____ A) José de San Martín _____ B) Manuel Belgrano _____ C) Simón Bolívar _____ D) Miguel de Hidalgo _____ E) Toussaint L’Ouverture 3. English government after 1700 is best described as one of the following. _____ A) A monarchy and an oligarchy _____ B) An absolutist monarchy _____ C) A parliamentary democracy _____ D) Absolutist and parliamentary _____ E) An imperialist monarchy

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