History texts that explore the Armenian Genocide




quote: “Without history, the nations themselves are denied their true identities”  this is the full

article for this particular



 Next, discuss what this quote means, to you, about the importance of history. (2 – 3 sentences).

After, describe how many national and global cultures, civilizations, peoples and events you le

arned in history classes in school so far. (2 – 3 sentences).

Finally, in one transition sentence, inform the reader of your cultural inclusion topic. I want to use

Armenian Genocide: If you are researching Armenian cuisine, so please state in one sente

nce. (1 sentence).

for Thesis statement: this thesis below is an example but you can change it to your sentence, 

History texts that explore the Armenian Genocide will inform people of the importance of our culture in maintaining and strengthening our Armenian family and community.

Note: Armenian Genocide is very important cultural history for Armenian. you can google it an

d research about it to make sure you got the write thing to write.

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