Homeland Security Related Problems

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In your mind, what is the most pressing problem affecting homeland security? Be prepared to provide a brief background of the problem, your rationale as to why you think it is the most urgent issue and a possible solution, or reason that there is not a solution at this time. As you research your issue, make notes of your concerns and inconsistencies found in the laws and policies. 


  • What is their perspective on how to best address the particular issue they identified?
  • Request their rationale be included with their response.
  • Have they (the senator) authored a "bill" or joined a committee to resolve the issue?
  • What is the status of the problem they view as most pressing?
  • How can you, the ordinary citizen, help?

Part 1: Write a letter to your state senator expressing what you feel is the most pressing problem and report any of the inconsistencies you noted with the laws and policies. Provide your rationale and solutions (or non-solutions) to your state senator. Ask his or her opinion and whether there is any "Action Items" on the Senate floor addressing your concerns. 

Part 2: In your letter, include questions that ask your state senator, what he or she feels is the most pressing problem in homeland security. Be polite, but ask exploratory questions:

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