How do you decide to buy a new house or a new piece of electronics or to go on a vacation



How do you decide to buy a new house or a new piece of electronics or to go on a vacation? Though often invisible, there is a strategy in this everyday decision-making. You might ask for recommendations from friends, read reviews online or rely on trained sales professionals and experts. What is your preferred strategy? This Assignment asks you to assess and compare a seemingly unconnected real-world decision-making strategy with the decision framework for delivering IT functions. To complete this Assignment: Submit a paper in which you analyse the decision-making process of a common purchasing activity (e.g. buying a car, home or other major purchase). In your analysis, explain how you would eliminate various brands, colour options and specifications (e.g. engine type, models etc.) and then explain what criteria are important to you when making your purchase decision and why. Furthermore, include a summary of your final set of alternatives and then analyse how you would decide amongst these various alternatives. Based on your prior analysis, evaluate the scope of the purchase problem being solved and whether it was structured, unstructured or semi-structured. Describe the people involved in the decision and explain the alternatives and the decision chosen. Finally, explain how your decision was implemented and analyse how your process compares with the decision framework for delivering IT functions described in Chapter 9 of the textbook. You must include relevant information—facts and/or opinions—from at least two ‘expert’ sources to support selections.

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