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This was my grade out of 200 points a 35. Can you please revise better before tomorrow
BUSN311-Unit 5 Individual Project Grading Rubric

Unit 5 Individual Project

MUST USE TEMPLATE IN LEARNING MATERIALS NAMED BUSN311 – Template for Week 5 as of January 2016) OR LOSE 10 POINTS (minus 10 points)

Total: 35

Overall in summary: Needs Improvement!

Appropriate report format including abstract, introduction, conclusion, double spacing, Times New Roman 12-point font, body of paper, title page and reference page: possible score10/ your score 10

Correct grammatical presentation without spelling errors or awkward sentences: possible score 20/your score 0 (you have many grammatical errors such as awkward sentences and phrases such as “arrange for action”, and “what’s more methods”, etc. etc. It is very difficult to follow your intended thought because of the grammatical issues.)

Correct APA Format – In-Text Citation and References in APA Format: possible score 20/your score 20


Choose a company from The Twenty-Five Best Global Companies to Work For: (2015). Companies include: Google, SAS, W.L. Gore, NetApp, Telefonica, EMC, Microsoft, BBVA, Monsanto, American Express, Marriott International, Belcorp, Scotiabank, Autodesk, Cisco, Atento, Diageo, Accor, Hyatt Hotels, Mars, Cadence, Hilti, EY, H& M and Novo Nordisk. Provide background on the chosen organization

History: possible score 10/your score 5 (you have very minor bit of history)

Main product or service: possible score 10/your score 5 (you have some very minimum information on the product)

Competitive advantage (why is it successful): possible score 10/your score 5 (you have some minor information on strength)

Financial outlook: possible score 10/your score 0

Main competitors: possible score 5/your score 0

List of countries in which it operates: possible score 5/your score 0

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